Sunday, May 31, 2009


so this is the biggest painting i have ever done, whoa. i bought a big brush but it's not really getting used haha. i just keep having cool accidents with the palette knife that are better than a brush stroke. just my personal opinion.

matt was my lovely model for this painting. he doesn't have any acne on his back, just for the record, BUT he is a good friend and was willing to offer his back as the palette for acne. thank you matt :)

i'm going to keep painting while it's still wet...repost later.


Jesse Fillingham said...

wow that looks really good kaeleen, how big is it?

kaeleen maeve said...

thanks jesse

i can't remember, like 30x40 maybe? the back is bigger than life that's all i know :)

MW said...

It's a beautiful painting - and Hey, I'll do whatever it takes to get on the TV. Thanks for all the roses (hehe).