Sunday, March 29, 2009

erwin's camera is the best


erwin said...

HEY! what happened to the robot back man picture!?

kaeleen maeve said...

i forgot that one...i'll add it calm down!!

erwin said...

GOOD! yeah.

Anna Topuriya said...

you looks so cute... really cute

Erwin needs to take more pictures of you


btw I did bet, I was really close to winning the trifecta? I got the 1st place and 2nd place horses correct and the 3rd one nope. =/
and I did win one but I didn't know I had won until I was showing my teacher the project in class but Im too lazy to go back to collect the cash its probably not much I was only putting down like $2.

Jesse Fillingham said...

congrats! how exciting, ill have to go check it out the show tomorrow before its shut down.